Quick-Sniper (2 pack)

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QUICK SNIPER. A little buddy partner to the Gold-N-Sand X-Stream Hybrid Pro. A great gift, too!

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- Works from the top of the surface or completely submerged

- Flexible nozzle makes easy access to the crevice material; virtually unbreakable

- Easy to carry in backpack - less than 24" long

- Nozzle cavity created by interior pipe; captures heavy material and discharges lights

The Quick-Sniper by Gold-N-Sand is a tool that uses some new ideas to help you collect the hard-to-get gold from heavy sands under boulders, in crevices, and behind obstructions.

The “NOZZLE” of the Quick-Sniper is where the magic happens.  

Inside the nozzle a short white plastic pipe extends into the tube. This allows you to pump the handle four or five times before you need to take steps to collect sand and gravel. Instead of pulling the handle and then ejecting the material into a pan or bucket after each pull, the cavity created inside the tube will hold your heavies, allowing water and the lightest material to swirl out and go back into the water before you pull again. Shaking the pump gently will transfer the heaviest of sands and gravel deeper into the cavity. Then, after you have repeated this action a few times, pull off the cap and dump the contents of the pump into your pan or bucket.

The blue tube extending from the end of the nozzle is designed to pull out, allowing you to extend the reach of the tube about 4-5 inches. If this tube is sliding too easily, wrap some electrical tape around the inner end, and it will be more secure within the Quick-Sniper.

The leather cup inside the tube is designed to provide years of effective service. When  you are preparing to use the Quick-Sniper, just soak the leather cup for 10-15 minutes in cool water, then insert it back into the pump for ready use. The top rim of the pump is rounded out so you can remove and replace the leather cup without damaging it.

The cap is designed to remove easily so you can dump your material into a pan or bucket. Some people prefer the cap to be tighter, and this can be achieved by wrapping black electrical tape around the top of the pump body two times. The friction will keep the cap in place and will easily release the cap with a gentle outward “pop” of the plunger.